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Defeat Disease with Data™

Our talented team is building systems to improve the quality of care for patients while reducing the operating cost for hospitals, by creating comprehensive patient records that allow providers to have the best, most complete information at point of care. Our revolutionary datasets and ML/AI algorithms will advise healthcare professionals on better decisions rooted in access to all of the patient’s historical care, and guide hospitals to make better data-driven financial decisions for their healthcare institutions.

Our Team

Talha Basit

Founder and CEO
divvyDOSE (exit to United Healthcare for nearly $0.5B), Deep 6 AI, Optum RX. Researcher at National Center for Super Computing Applications. Previously at Apple, mentored by Steve Jobs. BS in CS and Japanese from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Deep Healthcare SME.
Rob Seed, Spiraldot Health headshot

Rob Seed

Founding Engineer 

Staff Engineer at Sprout Social, scaling company to $1B+ IPO. Expert in big data distributed systems. Previously worked for Talha. BS in CS from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Irina Kukuyeva, Spiraldot Health headshot

Irina Kukuyeva, PhD

Chief Data Officer
Advisory Board Member of CTIP (MedTech Accelerator) and TechStars mentor, advising startups on go-to-market strategy. Expert in applying data science and machine learning tools to create demonstrable customer value in healthcare. Previously Head of Clinical Research at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. PhD Statistics UCLA.
Andrew Violette Spiraldot Health headshot

Andrew Violette

Fouding Engineer

Exited Orbitz and divvyDOSE, worked with Talha twice previously. Expert in FHIR, EPIC, AWS and serverless architectures. MS CS from DePaul.

Heather Freed Spiraldot Health headshot

Heather Freed

Operations Manager
Heather excels as a multidisciplinary powerhouse. She is a certified yoga instructor where she has been teaching for years. Her passion for music and her exceptional talent on the harp have led to her being asked to perform at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore and playing at the Florence & the Machine Gala event. She leads all things Operations at Spiraldot Health and helps keep all of us organized and focused.

Our Advisors

Dan Hyslop, Spiraldot Health headshot

Dan Hyslop, MD

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Primary Care Internal Medicine in University Health setting (USC & Loyola Marymount University) and Clinical Instructor at Harbor-UCLA Department of Pediatrics Residency Training Program.
Brenden Everett MD Gastroenterologist headshot

Brendan Everett, MD


Dr. Everett is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Dr. Everett received his MD from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers University.

Soibi Andrew-Jaja, Spiraldot Health headshot

Soibi Andrew-Jaja

Product and Strategy
Office of the CTO focused on strategic consumer products at Microsoft. Former Amazon and divvyDOSE executive. Was running all operations at divvyDOSE when sold to United Healthcare.
Jon Rubins, Spiraldot Health, headshot showing a golden puppy looking happy

Jon Rubins

Senior Front End Engineer
divvyDOSE (exit to United Healthcare when working for Talha),Expert in UI/UX and front end applications. Previously worked for Talha twice. BS in CS from University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.
Jim Swisher, Spiraldot Health headshot

Jim Swisher

Legal Counsel and Intellectual Property Expert
With an early advisory and board seat at SauntiSoft, Talha Basit, CEO and at least 10 other such appointments, Jim is a skilled serial entrepreneur and senior manager with approximately 15 exits between tech and film. Jim is a lawyer with almost 30 years of practice in Intellectual Property, Corporate Law and Securities. He is a founder and executive specializing in high-growth startups including healthcare, investor, advisor, and mentor. Air Force Veteran (Top Secret Clearance), BA in Political Economy from UC Berkeley, JD from Golden Gate University San Francisco.


Meet Nautilus, our full FHIR and Bulk FHIR-enabled SaaS application that allows you to quickly see how your patients are doing, and who’s (over)due for a physical. By providing actionable insights inside of your existing workflows in real-time, you’re able to take better care of your patients in less time. This is just the first of many new products we will be rolling out.

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